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How do you become a organist? What does it take? What experiences do you have and who do you meet? What is it like to study the organ and play in church services? In sum, on this site we are going to make a journey through the world of organs, as I have experienced it and still experience it.

Cor van Esch
Cor van Esch

Secondly, I will introduce you to the study of the organ which I undertook with several teachers and the organs on which they played.
Of course, I will also inform you on what organs I practiced and studied in Rotterdam and after that in Heemstede.

The positions which I occupied as an organist in permanent employment – in Rotterdam and Heemstede will also be discussed. 

After this, I will give some remarks on the building of organs and the visits that I usually made with my father to organists, organ builders and the Gemeente Museum at Den Haag.

Following that, I will accompany you to the world of
organ playing. How was the public informed, what kind of music was played, what kind of people visited the performances and on what kind of organs were the performances played.

After having given a view of the world of organs, I want to share with you the audio- and video recordings which were made during those years. The recordings up to 1965 are of such a poor quality – mono recordings – that as a result the recordings start in the second half of the 1960s when I obtained stereo microphones

Beside the live MP3 recordings, CD’s were also made. You can listen and/or download them as well.

The last chapter will be devoted to choir guidance in Heemstede and Den Haag. I will inform you of that as well and sound recordings are available.

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I hope you will enjoy yourself reading and listening to this to this site dedicated to the organ.
In any case, I enjoyed myself a lot with making it.

Translation Dutch - English: Roderick v.d. Bosch

Cor van Esch, 
Leiderdorp, 5 december 2009