Visit to organs
What fun is it to get acquainted with organists, organ builders and their organs. Once in a while we got together with each other in order to go somewhere. I am talking about friends who were interested about the state of affairs in the world of organs. Jan and Henk ( registration assistants ), Wiebe ( my former organ teacher ), my father and occasionally other’s. We made arrangements with organists or organ builders.

The great value of it was that you became acquainted with various techniques that were applied in interpreting organ works or organ building. You heard the sound of the pipe work and the role of acoustics etc. In short, it was an indispensable period for me and it helped determine my development.

Of some visits a few photo’s have stood the test of time. The photo’s give a good picture from that time.

Capelle a/d IJssel

Wiebe on his organ in Capelle
Pa van Esch in Capelle
My father also gives it a try

When Wiebe was appointed as an organist in Capelle, we rushed to hear and play the organ.                


We had heard and read that close to Rotterdam beautiful organs could be found. What an experience to play such a large and beautiful organ.        
Oud-Beijerland - organ
  Getting to work together with Jan
( registration assistant )

Schiedam - Julianakerk

One of our organ friends was organist Cees Passchier. In those days a active church musician who was most willing to show and play his organ. Of course we enjoyed ourselves and exchanged music notations and talked about organists.

Schiedam Julianakerk
Organist Cees Passchier & father
Schiedam Julianakerk
Father in action
Schiedam Julianakerk
and me too........

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

In Den Haag they have nice, small organs. Of course, father had to inspect and this didn’t go unnoticed. In the cellar we found boxes full of pipe work and nobody really knew what to do with it. My father’s interest was so contagious for the responsible employee that father quickly went to work.

gemeente museum
Where do these pipes belong?

After several visits to Den Haag the work was completed and the ( cabinet ) organs look radiant.

gemeente museum
in the showroom
Gemeente museum
Enjoying the beauty of it all

Altrip am Rhein - Duitsland

Unexpected visits to organs sometimes happen as well. For instance in the birthplace of my mother Altrip am Rhein. You walk into a church, see an organ and take a seat behind it. Sometimes they turn out to be little gems.

Protestant church - Altrip am Rhein
Not all the parts fitted in the organ....
Father looking around....

Trip on the Rhine with the youth club

             Small village on the Rhine

In the early years of the Stichting Orgelcentrum Leiden a monthly music appendix was published with the Organ Magazin. The size of the magazine was A5 and this made it easy to take it with you on holidays. This proved to be useful because when you came somewhere and managed to crawl behind the organ, the music was near at hand. Numerous times during holidays I have been able to get behind an organ in such a way

On this photo I can be seen during an evening celebration in a village on the Rhine. Completely unexpected the minister of the church asked me to play a service in the evening because the organist was on vacation.

I pulled it off in a miraculous way........

Lisse - Keukenhof

What to do when you walk in the Keukenhof with your wife and you see a white pianoforte in the greenhouse? Not an organ to be sure, but still.....getting to work with an improvisation on `Altijd is kortjakje ziek`.

Lisse - Keukenhof

This is a modest overview from the many visits to organs. It certainly has been a valuable experience.